Problem accessing ATextRender Component of StaticMeshActor ?

Hey guys,

I have been sitting on this simple thing all day. I have the following setup.

I have a ATextRender attached to another Actor SM_TableRound

On my PlayerPawn I have code that returns FHitResult of the first PhysicsBody in reach of my pawn. Now the code is quite simple really,

FCollisionQueryParams TraceParameters(FName(TEXT("")), false, GetOwner());
/// linetrace out
		OUT HitResult,

/// GetActor of what we "hit"
AActor* ActorHit = HitResult.GetActor();
if (ActorHit)
    /// here i would like to change the text and rotation of the attached ATextRender actor that we "hit"

As per above, the part where I check ActorHit is working fine. I even figured out how to spawn new actors as part of the ActorHit. like so ::

ATextRenderActor* SomeText = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<ATextRenderActor>(
	FVector(0.f, 100, 170.f), 
	FRotator(90.f, 180.f, 0.f)
SomeText->GetTextRender()->SetText(FString::Printf(TEXT("name = %s"), *ActorHit->GetName()));
SomeText->SetActorScale3D(FVector(2.0f, 2.0f, 2.0f));

But I do NOT know how to access the ATextRender actor that is already attached… The idea is basically I have these ATextRenders attached to my Actors and when the player gets close the text becomes visible and I can change it etc at runtime…

I have tried the following… All no success.

ATextRenderActor* textTest = ActorHit->Children.FindItemByClass<ATextRenderActor>(); /// crashes UE
ATextRenderActor* textRender = ActorHit->FindComponentByClass<ATextRenderActor>(); /// won’t compile

My logic just tells me since I already have the actor we are “hitting” it should be super simple accessing child actors / components ?? Or is it that I have to get the owner again first then the root component then the child etc etc ?? If so could someone point out how?

I would really appreciate your help guys. Help me and I’ll buy you a beer :slight_smile: