Problem accessing a variable of a BP Class that seems invalid

Hello there, I’m fairly new to UE4 so my problem might be a stupid problem.

I’m trying to implement a system to play a sound for each footstep the player does. The animation can send notifies and it works. I made a Class BP for the Footstep. It has variables for the sounds and a “Spawn Footstep” function which does the stuff (I will test this later) but it’s never called.

I tried to call the function on the “Footstep” variable of my Player (v1 on the screenshot) but it didn’t work. I then made a Spawn Footstep function on my player (v2 on the screenshot) and it works, but then the function of Footstep class don’t work. I tried an “IsValid” and I saw that my Footstep isn’t. What did I do wrong ?

Thanks a lot.

Notification BP : (works)

SpawnFootstep function on Footstep Class BP : (can’t be called because I fail to validate a Footstep. You can see the variables and defaults on the right side)

SpawnFootstep function on Player Class BP : (can be called but fails to call the SpawnFootstep of Footstep Class BP because I still fail to validate its Footstep. You can see the Footstep variable at the bottom left corner)

Hey can you make sure you are SpawnActorOfClass, then your sound cue class? It looks like you might be doing something like that in your SpawnFootStep function, but I can’t see it in your screen shot. Also make sure you actually are creating an instance of your Footstep blueprint class as well, if that is housed in your Player as a class.

Well, that was exactly the kind of stupid thing I made I thought it would be. I understood the “Footstep” wasn’t instantiated but I didn’t get how to do it.
I added a Footstep with SpawnActorOfClass and removed the Footstep variable in my player, which was an aberration.

Now I get it ! Thanks a lot !

No prob! Wouldn’t say it was stupid! Glad you figured it out!