Problem About OnFinishedPlaying - Flipbook


Here is the thing. I have a Flipbook animation. In Blueprint I have set up a OnFinishedPlaying Event that happens whenever the current flipbook ends. All is fine and all.

Problem is this: If I reverse the same Flipbook animation, the OnFinishedPlaying Event triggers instantly. It seems OnFinishedPlaying considering the very first frame as “the final frame” if you are reversing.

I couldn’t find anything related to “OnFinishedReversing” so I thought this was a bug as reversing a flipbook causes OnFinishedPlaying instant which is pretty odd and unusable.

If there is another solution on how to trigger an event on Reverse-End, I would like to hear about it!


Hey Achilleon,

So you are on the right track, but there a few things you should check first to make sure it is set up correctly.

I just attempted to re-create what you are reporting, and think I found the where you could be going wrong. Essentially it came down to reading the tooltip of the OnFinishedPlaying Event.

You will want to be sure you set your Flipbook animation to non-looping so it can determine where the ‘finished’ location is after playing. You can do this through the construction script within your blueprint, as shown below.


The last thing I edited was the Frames Per Second of my Flipbook animation to a lower values so I could see the animation play through forward, and then reverse once it had finished.

This should work for you, but if you are still having problems please let me know. One more piece of advice, if you wanted to have greater control over these animations, you could introduce Timelines into your blueprint and create variables to help customize the playback of your Flipbooks.

Thank you,

Oh that’s the problem then. I thought it would simply reverse it. Thank you for the clarification and help related to how to get things done!