Probably the simpliest Game ever made on Ue4 (Widget Game)

Hi guys iv been learning UE4 for last few weeks. And started to think about simpliest thing posible to make, a game to pratice (Bp and widget in this case)

So i basicay made an mouse killer minigame.
Click on the enemy on the right to deal him dmg. Every time you kill him you get some gold to uppgrade or buy/uppgrade mercenaries
Simple as that.

Theres a lot of stuff to should be added. but i wantedd to show it.

Also alreay dicovered a minor bug with one of the tooltips dont show correctly

Packed Game

Content folder( Import/copy to empty or any other project load the level and play)

If have any question or suggestions you free to ask :slight_smile:

The sprites are taken from LittleFighter2 an old game i spend a lot when as child. also the game is open source

the song come from soundcloud as free to use with credits