Probably Local and World space problem


My goal is to have a wand with an particle system, that targets the closest object in a cone or square or sth.

My attempt to get the closest position was fireing 100 Raycasts on tick in one direction like this

This actually works pretty well, but the problem is, that i cant rotate my wand and still have the rays shoot in the forward direction. Somehow my z axis is on the same height for every Ray. It looks like this

This is how my Blueprint looks like

Creating the Array of Position for Begin Play once. I think this should be Local space, so that the grid stays the same, when you rotate the wand.

Here im shooting the Rays on tick.

Im confident that the part behind my raycast is correct, since it does what it should, just the raycast itself doesnt work like i want. So the endPosition Input of the raycast should be wrong. But cant figure out what to change.

Any Ideas on your side?

Thanks for your help