Probably bug

In play mode when you press E eight times you see the numbers from 1 to 8 growing, and then the integer number should stuck at 9 which it does, but when i try to print it (no matter which node print string i use - left or right with 1 for switch on int output), the print 9.0 is displayed only for a fraction of the second. I guess it’s a bug because I dont see what I’m doing wrong to cause the print string not working normally.

P.S. switch on int have output a point number, it should be integer, at least point number is printed

Yea nevermind I can control this via integer variable

this was not meant for this post

I think I should just change the place of branch here but anyway print isnt working properly

I appoligize, this happens in 4.9 version, I tried in 4.26 and its working good