ProAI is a helpfully tool, if you need to get fast different AI typs to your game or project.

You just place a AI character to the level and setup all the parameters into the AI. Or you use this placed AI together with the powerful spawn manager from the pack. The spawn manager manage spawning and removing of the AI’s, you prepared for the manager. It only needs to setup the manager ID, and how many clons the manager should make from this AI. The manager then make all the work, and also dedect for players, entering or left the manager zone. You can setup different AI typs for only one manager, so you get not only one AI typ spawned !

Now, thats not everything the manager can do! You can setup the manager to be a member of a group. So you can put together X manager to be one group of managers, where one manager is selected as master and controll the player dedection for the whole group. You can setup the master manager to loop trougth the whole group, or only do it once, or loop and randomly choose one manager. If a grouped manager is done (all spawned AI got killed) then the next manager spawn the AI of the new manager from same group. This allow you do build wave spawns or even some thing like dungeon spawns of you AI.

DOWNLOAD the ProAI documentation:


and this one into a game environment :
also visite my web : to get more info about ProAI, or just send me a mail to game3d(at)game3d(dot)ch

ProAI is 100% multiplay written, and don’t use multicast, what causing problems trougth networked games. The player Character is easy to change with an other player class.
The Pack is very clean documented, and all wires are looking properly to follow the code.

Test demo game (a small mech battle game, by using ProAI and the spawn manager for the AI enemies) :

NEWS!: ProAI is now availlable and released !

This looks really interested. Looking forward to seeing it on the marketplace. How much do you plan to sell it for?

Thanks! The price will be $ 46.99 / Hopefully the release date will be soon.

This is some awesome stuff here!

Nice! Sounds like a reasonable price. I’ll make sure to pick this up at some point. Thanks!

One question about your system, as I am going to need some AI “soon”. Does your system support spawn/respawn/despawn on time of day settings?

To be precise, I’ll need an AI system that can use time of day (ideally one that can easily tie into the Orbit Weather and Seasons system) and then spawn (or despawn) during certain “events” (time of day, certain days, certain weather patterns, at any time) ? It will also need the option to say:

  1. At 06:00 -> Spawn at certain location
  2. Random path finding until 22:00
  3. Move to either the original location or a different location and then despawn

Also, does your AI system allow enemies to spawn in a random area / volume? (X number enemies spawned in volume, Y distance from each other, and then patrol)

Is it all BP or is it C++ plugin ?

Does it work with VR ?

How is it different from this ?

This is just an AI system, so it should work with VR. AI is processed (iirc and afaik) on a cpu thread, and not on the gpu. (VR is heavy GPU).

I would honestly buy this just for the sound effects

Into the spawn manager, there is a player enter and left dedection. You could rewrite this or make a custom event with a near similar functionality, for handle day/night and other stuff, have to due with respawning and removing AI.

There are 2 methods to spawn AI into ProAI. Basicaly you can place it to a level, and the ai just spawn there, or even use the spawn manager for this.

Also, does your AI system allow enemies to spawn in a random area
The system need to have a ai placed into the level, or even using the spawn manager for a zone, where you want have ai, or even different AI typs spawned. in the case of using the manager, it spawns the AI around the spawnmanager location, where you can setup the radius of spawning.

100% BP ! The AI basicaly should work with VR, for the player you may need to make some improvements. Dunno what is different from the other pack. The price and that ProAI content a powerfull spawn manager, maybe.

ProAI also is 100% multiplay. It don’t only support multyplay, it is tested into a MMO environment trough networking! (game D.O.A.)

Hi [mention]Game3D[/mention] I’m looking forward for it. Very good!!!
I wish a great successful for the new ai and more complete package.
ProAI certainly works flawlessly in a multiplayer scenario !!!

Cool, you’ve implemented manager zone!!! :):):):slight_smile:

Game3D Loves Trance Music. He is a DJ. :slight_smile:

I add a widget trigger to ProAI. Now, if a manager has killed all the AI, the manager can show a widget to all player’s. This is usefully for wave spawns to tell ppl that the round is done, or into dunguens to tell ppl that they have to go to next zone.

Instead of this, Proai support a base trigger for all this. The pack content 3 triggers. One is for open close doors, one for trigger panels with message and even the new widget trigger.

It is also possible to create turret AI, just with the normal AI we have. In this case it needs to setup the AI speed to be 0 so the turret can’t move :slight_smile: but it does yaw and pich with the turret and cannon. Maybe i will add the turret example AI character too, so you have it more easy to get an idea, how to create turret AI.

Working at a little game for showcase what you can do with ProAI. Once i be done, everyone can download it and play around with the ProAI enemies. The demo game is done, but I need to polish it a bit, so fps is nice. There are some bad particle effects, i need to exchange. And it needs some other Improvements like LOD and such. But basicaly it working well.
Still waiting for a release date for ProAI, from Epic :slight_smile:

Quick update: The test demo game with ProAI is now ready for download. This little game is showing a battle event with mechs. It is using ProAI for the AI and grouping of the spawnmanagers. The timer and level controlling is part of the mech game, and not implemented to ProAI. Evrything other, have to due with AI is using the original ProAI, without any changes of the code. Of course, the mech models are not content of ProAI too. But at least, it is showing you, how easy you can use other models for ProAI.

Have fun by playing the mech battle event! can you beat my high score of 525 seconds? :slight_smile:

Hers the download link:

The files still waiting for a release date.
All the tests I did with ProAI are working very well. At moment I work at a 2. level for the mech game, where I been testing Proai with it. Once i be done, i will update the test demo game for ProAI.
You can download the little game here :

This demo content the original ProAI, without any changes at it, except that it is using other models, and an other player character. But it also would work with the characters from the kit.
One of the ideas, of this demo, is also to test different models with ProAI and how easy they can be build with the kit.

If you have any questions, ideas, ond others, you could use this thread, or send me a mail to

@GAME3D how flexible is your AI would i have to spend much time adapting it for a survival game? like animals and a few zombie type AIs thanks.

This should be easy with ProAI. You could use invisible melee or invisible projectile, or both together for making damage, if you’r animals need to make damage. The basic AI player, into the pack is very flexible made. In most cases, you just can use this basic player, and then making instances of it, add a other model, and make a animation bp for the new model. If i make a new animation BP, then i most just copy past the code from the basic AI player, and only change, what is need to change for the new Model/AI. There are also some notifiers into the animations BP (attack animation montage) it needs to take care, if you make a new animation bp. But realy easy to handle all this!

While we still wait for a release date for ProAI, you could download the demo game for ProAI :
The game is using the standart ProAI with an other player and different AI models, based on the basic AI BP from the pack.
The demo game now content 2 Levels. If a level get done, it unlock the next level.

If you have questions about ProAI, send me a mail to or just use this thread. Thanks for reading and playing the demo!