Pro Ratings

Are pro labels legitimate ratings? And how is it given to these sellers?? Are these people actually professionals… or what??? How is it ranked… if it is ranked Officially.

Are you referring to the gold star next to some seller labels? If so, that was given out to sellers who had more than 5 packs on the marketplace. It was then changed to be given out to sellers who were featured, and then that was ended and we haven’t had any new ones given out since then.

No theirs a red pro label in the pictures I seen in on a few different sellers is makes me believe they’re actually professionals is this true?

I haven’t seen this before, you have a link so I can check it out?

O_o what do you mean? screenshot or so please?

The very definition Professional is this.

I guess in the context of the marketplace, anybody who makes a living from selling their contents, shall be considered professionals equally.

I’m going to disagree with you sir, but I realize that most likely not. Which is cool, many of them have been removed and only one person own’s it. Atleast as I’m looking into sounds I prefer something very knowledgeable… Took a while because I had to resize the picture this is awfully misleading. Remember we’re also business man and we should carry we we produce with honesty and integrity.

You can make a “King of the Universe” badge on photoshop and attach to your asset icons too.

Very deceiving. O well, I shall carry on