Pro Mission engine - a data based mission plugin


Marketplace link:**…mission-engine

I would like to present my first marketplace code plugin. I made it for personal use, but I decided to throw it on the maketplace so other people can use it.
The primary reason I decided to roll my own logic was because I couldn’t find any good mission systems that were using native data assets.

I believe a mission system should be plug and play,easy to use, with a globally kept state so you can just focus on gameplay programming.

With this plugin you can keep all your mission data in one place and you only need to create seperate object classes for your events. This also makes the state really easy to reference when for example creating a save and load system or just basic mission waypoints. The entire state is kept in 5 variables.

The features summed up:

  • Add missions through data assets.
  • Trigger custom mission events
  • Easy API accessible through blueprint and c++
  • Dynamic events
  • Incremental objectives
  • Persistent mission state kept in the game instance (You won’t lose progress between levels.)
  • Easy saving and loading
  • Usable for a wide variety of use cases for example: rpg quests, linear shooter missions, tutorial segments and story missions.
  • Extendable with blueprints
  • Complete API Reference in the manual

If you want to know more feel free to browse the manual: (Containing the full api reference)…4J3HUpDJk/view

Or ask a question on the marketplace page!