Pro HUD Pack: HORROR Version

In this way I would like to introduce my new asset to you,
a powerfully designed HUD gameplay in horror style
(The non-horror version is currently under review).

Preview Video
Free Demo Build

This HUD pack gives your game the ability to interact with the player in an elegant way.
In addition to a number of powerful features such as With a crosshair system, a set of post-process effects,
and a compass system, the pack is largely made up of highly-designed messaging systems.
All systems are accessed via a context-sensitive interface and can be accessed from almost any class.

It was deliberately omitted a health indicator and weapon display,
as these would be too different and varied in design and structure.

Best Regards,

Hi Dominik,

I bought the Pro HUD pack and I really like it. The art in it is great. I think I would also be interested in fantasy pack as well. One problem I have noticed is the render targets you use to create the background affects for the widgets. That is way too performance heavy to be ship-able. Its costing me over 6 ms with a gtx 970 for all of those render targets. At the very least, these should be shutoff when not used. You might want to reduce the resolution way down. I’m sure there are other ways to optimize as well, maybe just save a few second loop or something. Do you have any work around in mind to solve this problem? I’m not sure if you have an update planned.