[PRO BONO/PROFIT SHARING] Relic 44 Studios is Recruiting

Hi, I’m the Creative Director and Founder of Relic 44 Studios. We are looking for a few talented guys and gals to join us on a passion project (with plans to ship and sell). You’re probably wondering who I am and what I know, so a bit about me.

[FONT=times new roman]WHO AM I?

I’ve been in the hobbyist world for a very long time. I began tinkering with mod tools when I was around 8 years old, around the time Oblivion’s mod tools came out. I was terrible at it, but I learned a lot, and I got myself hooked on it. When Minecraft came out, I took to the stars and made all sorts of content (that I never released because it was for me, nobody else). Texture packs, sound packs, maps with lore, the works. Then came Skyrim. That was when I discovered that world building and lighting were something that I was not only good at, but enjoyed. Texture seam on a rock? I dug it out of the Creation Kit and redid the UVs. Crappy lighting in a town? Redo the light placement and drop an ENB on it.

[FONT=times new roman]WHO DO I KNOW?

Fast forward to the last few years, and I have many connections and served as an outside QA tester, minor consultant, and journalist with both developers and publishers, including Devolver Digital, Flying Wild Hog, Id Software, and countless indie teams and games journalists. I understand the people, and I understand what makes the games work. I’m even in an easter egg in Shadow Warrior 2 and am now good friends with it’s developers for my work on tearing their game up at Quake Con 2016.

(That heart in the background. That would be referencing Relic 44’s composer and I. I’m the S in case you were wondering)

I’m ready to make this more than a hobby, and that’s where you guys come in.

[FONT=times new roman]WHAT ARE WE BUILDING?

We are currently working on an ambitious passion project. Details are restricted to the public for now, but it is a sandbox survival RPG. Not a Bethesda RPG, with stripped systems, pre-written quest lines and story arcs, but a true RPG that harkens back to the days of the tabletop RPG sessions we all enjoyed as kids (and the cool ones of us still enjoy). We have a lot of ideas for how to make this work on as low a budget, with as few people as possible, but we are missing some key personnel.

Currently, we are looking for gameplay programmers, AI programmers (big emphasis on this one), environment artists, tools developers, and anybody else who wants to involve themselves in something new. We want to show the industry that a dedicated team of hobbyists and passionate indies can actually make something worthwhile with the tools available now.

If you are interested and want to join us on this adventure, send me an email at [EMAIL=“”]

I look forward to hearing from you.