Can anyone tell me the rules under which the include paths and/or library paths will be update in your project when you add a module to this list? I certainly have seen that if you mis-identify a module it will tell you but other times it will simply accept your entry yet still not add it to the include path. Examples:

  • XmlParser
  • Landscape

Both of these modules I see the public include directories added to the project include paths:

  • LandscapeEditor
  • LandscapeEditorUtils
  • WorldBrowser

These modules are not added to the path and I can’t find an explanation why. No errors are generated when you specify them. Are there some modules whose public folders can not be referenced? Are there pre-requisites on how you use reference definitions within the files prior to them being added? Are there limitations on what modules you can reference from within a plugin or another module?

Having include/lib paths automatically added to the project is great - but only when I can understand how to influence the process and not have it ignore what was added. Thoughts?

Bump. These Public and Private dependency module includes are a mystery to me as well.