Private Library of Plugins

Hello Epic,

At my company, we would like to create a private library of plugins to distribute through the marketplace to our teams for various projects. Is there a way for us to make a private plugin library that only our team can utilize?

We assume we would have to publish to the marketplace and then somehow mark the plugin as private or off market, but we are not sure this is possible or how the marketplace functions from the shop’s perspective. We also don’t want to complete the seller profile setup without knowing that we can achieve the result we are looking for.

Any insight would be appreciate.

Intuitive ISR

Hello, I am just wondering, is keeping plugins under source control and adding them as git submodules of your other projects an option?

Yeah I’m not sure why you would want to do this in the first place. That’s a very roundabout way of distributing something internally.

If you’re using the precompiled engine directly from the launcher, you know where the install path is and can either have people copy paste your plugin folders to “install” them, or you can write some very simple automation tool to do it from an intranet web page or something.

If you’re using the engine from source then you already pretty much have a source control solution and can just add your library of plugins in your depot under your /project/plugins folder. There’s no reason to not just have them all installed all the time, just keep them disabled by default if the functionality you want is for people to opt-in to certain plugins (if your workflow is to have lots of smaller projects with different needs).

If you use Perforce you can map plugins and use them in multiple projects.
Problem becomes when different projects are using different versions of UE4.
Then you need to maintain few additional version like 4.20, 4.19 etc.

I appreciate the feedback, and I am aware that there are better ways to do this. However, this is the situation I MUST use, so I am merely wondering if this is actually possible. I get that it is roundabout, and I don’t care to go into why it has to be this way. I just want to know if what I am proposing is possible. If it is not possible to use the marketplace as a private distribution platform, that is all I need to know.