Privacy Policy Template

There are many Privacy Policy generators available online but I am not sure of their validity.

Does Epic have a Privacy Policy Template of sorts that is generally acceptable to use for mobile (App Store) games created with UE4?

I have seen the Privacy Policy used for ‘Match3 Unreal’ and ‘Tappy Chicken’ and my game doesn’t do anything above or beyond those two apps, except display Ads.

Am I allowed to base my Privacy Policy on Epic’s Privacy Policy (with obvious name changes/ommission of Epic related references) or is that unadvised?

I could seek legal advice, but I’m not entirely sure if such a step is necessary in this case. If Tappy Chicken and Match 3 is covered by the Epic privacy policy then presumably any other game like the latter would also be covered in the same way, for the same functionality/connectivity. Nonetheless, that is just my theory.
Let me know what you think.

I will (probably) either use the Chartboost or UMA marketplace plugin for in-game advertising.

Epic only has one privacy policy, and it’s the one you linked. I don’t have any issue with you copying parts of it.

I can’t give you any legal advice as to the applicability or sufficiency of that language to you, your games, or your customers though.

Ok, understood.