Download doesn't work

I tried mailing to this address but it does not seem to exist.
I send this message:

I live in Europe and have a question regarding data collection in Unreal
Is it possible to disable data collection? Safe harbour has been cancelled
so can’t use that anymore. We make educational apps for kids and cannot
have any data collected.
I read that you had to recompile the engine to turn off data collection. Is
there an easier way?

We don’t have an email for “” we do have “” for reporting stolen content.

If you are talking about being COPPA compliant, the explanation has been posted in this thread:

"You can open EngineAnalytics.cpp, search for ‘bShouldInitAnalytics’, then set the variable to false and compile the editor. Alternatively, you can delete the UE4-AnalyticsET.dll file from disk before you run. "

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

That is really weird on this page:

at the bottom there is an email address
If it doesn’t exist I think you should really change it.

Also I have am working on the osx version. Does it work the same way disabling it?

Should be the same method.

You’re totally right, that was an address I wasn’t even aware of. I spoke to the legal team and I’m making sure to have all those forwarded to the appropriate people. Sorry about the confusion on my part. Let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile: