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Prison Simulator VR is an accurate reproduction of prison life with the support of VR by developers from Russia.
It’s unique features are 1:1 real timescale and a real prison day routine. The game is 18+ and includes censored rape. All these features make this game a realistic excursion to an American prison, full of violence and brutality. In addition to being an entertaining product, the simulator can show young adults all the “charms” of life in prison making them think twice before committing any crime. So maybe this game is going to reduce crime rate among teenagers.
The simulator implements a “dialogue wheel” and each character is going to have more than 500 replicas.
Your cellmates remember the main events of a previous day and mention them, creating an illusion of a new day.
Answers in dialogues should be chosen with caution, because a wrong word can get you stabbed or worse
The game also gives player opportunities to commit in-game suicide, abuse heroin, watch striptease in the visiting room, and dance it yourself or for the sake of protection/money / or RP.
We consider adding various easter eggs. “Prison Break”, “Big Stan”, “Green Elephant”, “Lawlessness” and etc.

The game has Craft of various sharpening, soap on a rope, cigarettes, chifir, chess from bread, etc.
Just spend a whole day in the simulator without shutting down the game. Put on your vr headset and you are suddenly in a prison. Wake up with it, and go to sleep with it. . Sit for 5 hours of real time in a row in your cell communicating with the prisoners, then walk for an hour, then dine and go to the showers, where you inadvertently drop the soap. You will feel unbearable ennui, terrible fear, and all the emotions inherent in prison life.

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