Printing out animations being called on screen...

Hey all, I did a search for this but maybe I am wording it wrong because I couldn’t find anything. When jumping into existing animation systems built by others it can be really helpful to have a print out of all the animations being called on screen as you play through the game, for debugging purposes. Does anyone know of anything like that built into UE4? I thought maybe a command or something. Anyway, any help would be great, thank you!


There is a built in animation debugging system.

`showdebug animation

Thank you MostHost, I don’t see it listing the actual animations on the character though, mostly blueprint and other info, either way it’s still really useful to know about, thanks again!

It should have or show animation names with percentages of how they blend - though it may have changed in .23 maybe? Not sure on that.
the info is only avaliable after you tab in and select the character though. You should have instructions on screen.

Oh I didn’t try that, let me check, thank you!!!