Printing - its possible ?

How can I print Unreal on regular printer paper ?

what do you mean? print the screenshot of editor or what?

Print info from widget

There is no inbuilt “Print” function in the Editor. You will probably have to take a Screenshot of your content and then print that image out yourself.

I’d say you would have to create custom plugin for this purpose

If I understand you right, you want to print something like “results” or “highscores” or w/e, right?

Yes you are right :).
thanks for reply

I think with print he means he just wants to show stuff on screen.

No. I want to print in paper :).

I was also looking for that functionality too! I want to print score cards after game session ends I can tell you I didn’t find a way so I am just using a database I get the scores and stats there then print using my own external program. If you do find something that works direct in Unreal blueprints please let me know.