Print to log uses all my memory. Can I stop it?

When playing a project in the viewport, if you use print to log to monitor stuff in your project and have the log tab active instead of the component browser then all the memory in my computer gets used up until the project runs like a dog or crashes.

I have attached a screen grab of this happening (from task manager ). I have labelled what happened and when.

Is there either

  1. A way to limit the total memory used
  2. An altenative way to view live variables that does not involve creating widgets. Print to log works perfectly for live monitoring during testing except for this effect.

Is it a bug or a feature?


p.s. when I start the project playing I do not touch the keyboard or mouse. nothing is happening. All that is happening is print to log.

I have the same problem in 4.16.3, the engine just froze when I tried to open the Log Tab, in the Task-Manager of Windows I could only observ how the Ram and the Swap file slowly filled up, in the end Windows killed UE4 after ~90 GB were used… my poor SSD. I am currently logging Projectiles on Tick for Debugging purposes but I am confused how this Text can cause such a big memory impact.

i’m having a similar problem in 4.21.2