Print Strings and other nodes set to Development Only are executing in Shipping Build

I have tried packaging my game in every build configuration, and in every one my Development Only nodes are executing, including Print Strings.

Is this a known bug or is there a buried setting that is causing this?

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There’s a problem in 5 with it not constructing shipping builds correctly.

It works if you use the launcher:



Thanks for the info! Is this something that is expected to be fixed in 5.0.x?

Edit: Tested via project launcher and it’s working as intended. Is there a way I can now .pak the game after it’s built this way? I’m trying to send it out to testers.

This method makes a PAK file, no?

Maybe you left out a bit of the config.

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Ah yes, I did!

For anyone else wondering, you have to check “Store all content in a single file (UnrealPak)” under Cook>Advanced Settings

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