Print String vs Print to Screen

Hi guys, I’m super confused and it’s causing quite some frustration.
I have 2 Unreal Projects, both in 4.24. And in one I can go into the Level BluePrints and search for “Print to Screen”, “Print String”, “Print to Next Line” and “Print Text” while in the other I can only “Print String” and “Print Text” and none of the others.
I’d like to know why this is. And also what the difference between some of them are. They seem to do the same thing to me. I guess Print to String only allows Strings and that might be useful sometimes.
I also saw on some sites that there’s “Print to Log” which I can’t access on any of my projects.
The Problem I have is that when I use several “Print String” or “Print Text” together and connect them they Print to screen in reverse order. And instead of putting all the text into one line they just make their own line with each Node. I want to use Print to Screen" and “Print to Next Line” because they allow me to choose when to go to the next line. How do I get access to them?

Thank you!

The nodes accessable to you will depend a lot on what kind of blueprint you’re in. If you want to find all nodes, just un-check the content sensitivity box.

Also, PrintString is all you need, it also prints to the log.

Thx for the reply. I tried unchecking the box, didn’t give me access to the nodes I want tho. And I’ve tried this in both the level blueprints and the character blue prints and saw no difference.
And “Print String” doesn’t behave the way I want. I want “Print to Screen” like I explained.
So ye, seems super weird to me. What could be going on?

I just had a look, I don’t have any of these nodes at all. Are you using a plugin?

Uh, no just Unreal. 4.24.
If you don’t have these nodes then how do you print? Just Print String? Is there a way to make it Print in just 1 line?

This is how I’m using it to Print my Hero HP.


And this is how it shows up in game. It’s right to left and 1 line per node. Super annoying.

Is there a way to get rid of the lines? Thx

Yup, like this:


O nice thx! I just came across the same solution on a youtube video actually ;D


While it does make a complete mess it does the job. Thx m8. You’re Awesome

O wait, I don’t actually need the “ToText(string)” nodes at all, you’re right.
That is a lot neater ;D