Print String stops working when we toggle on/off AI debug

Steps to recreate

  1. Turn on EQS (Experimental )
  2. Make an AI with Perception Component added
  3. Add Nav Volume
  4. Add AI_Character to Level
  5. Simulate or Play and turn on AI debug
  6. Press Esc and again play/ simulate

Print string will now stop working
Please note I also turned Procedural foliage ON (Experimental)

Please help me!
Also, print string is printing value to logs (So I am pretty much sure that it has stopped printing only on screen)

Thank you :slight_smile:


After looking through our database, it appears that this is a known issue.

Thank you for your report.

Have a great day

Workaround for it: Reactivate debug mode with Apostrophe and turn on debug messaging with ctrl-tab and exit PIE, messaging will work as normal.

It would seem to be the case that exiting of a PIE session with the debugger on just doesnโ€™t reset the messaging variable.

Bizmark> thanks, buddy I will try this and mark this answer as correct if it works out. Have a nice day :slight_smile: