Print String (on screen) not working for me, in editor.

I have a construction script which is supposed to print a string to the screen if certain conditions are met.

I have both the “Print to Screen” and the “Print to Log” booleans checked in the PrintString node, and I have verified that the construction script goes through this PrintString node. I have also checked that the string is being correctly printed in the log, yet nothing shows on the screen (it used to work perfectly until now).

Does someone know what might be causing this?

Edit: Ingame, it works (when it runs off the Event Graph), it’s only the Construction Script strings which don’t get printed to screen.

Hi IMC.Wander,

Have you checked the output log to see if the print string is printing to the output log?

Hey , thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have checked that the output log is correctly printing the string (my bad, didn’t specify which log it was in my opening post). I have tried the usual stuff, unchecking one or both of the checkboxes and checking them again, restarting the editor, etc etc… to no avail. I don’t know, it is such a small but annoying little thing :).

Sorry for necro, but this thread is highly relevant to my question:
Is it possible to print string in editor (from construction script) not in output log, but on viewport screen? For myself I’m ok with output log, but I would like to add some info/warning for end users as I work on a marketplace item. So it would be more convenient to display it right in the viewport, because output log is not visible by default.

Print to Screen not working in editor viewports?
Your construction scripts or scripted actions don’t print to screen anymore but strings do appear in the Output Log?

if you are having this problem the way to fix it is to tick “Show Stats” in the Viewport Options menu (the top left dropdown arrow in the viewport) or press Shift-L for the default keyboard shortcut to toggle this functionality.


This fixed the issue for me, Thanks a lot!

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