print string not specific on server: or client:

I did a tut a while back on ue4 multiplayer shooter. the one with the dude named mark. maybe you heard of it maybe you didn’t. in his tut he does a print string when you pick up weapons and sets the q button up to print string for the weapon held. anyways the string shows SERVER: or CLIENT:. in our project we are trying to print a string to see if our lock on system is breaking the interpolation on the listen server and printing a string everytime control rotation is set. it doesn’t say server: or client: it just endlessly prints the string. how do I get it to specify who said it server or client?

I know this is a one yea old topic, but I ran into the same problem and the solution is simple:

If anyone else runs into that problem, make sure your "Play Mode"is not set as “Play Offline”. Set it to “Play as Client”, and the Print String will now properly display Client: or Server:

It has been a really long time since this but we were playing on listen server when we had this bug. These were packaged builds on different computers having this issue. Our latest prototype has not seen any issues that dont sum up to just bad replication. This post was made from v4.22. We are now on 4.25 and still trucking along.