Print String (Development Only)

Hello, this is my first post and I hope I’ve got it in the right forum. I’ve been following a tutorial for making coins and I’ve got the coins showing up and I can collect them and have a little audio that plays when I collect them. The tutorial is in a first person format but I’m making a top-down game. Everything is working for the coins, except that I can’t get the “print string” feature to work so I can keep track of how many coins I’ve collected. When I try to add it in the blueprint, it shows up but says “development only”. Is there a different tutorial I can follow the get point/coin counters to work?
I’m reasonably sure that print string function simply isn’t intended for use in top-down games for some reason since it works fine in first person blueprints.

For reference, the tutorial I am following is this one:

The print string is for development only it is a quick easy way to show info while running the game. great for development and useful for finding bugs. You need a UI / Widget solution. try this video or search for something similar.

Link =

Awesome! Got it working with that tutorial, thanks Seed 37 :slight_smile:

This video uses the same “PrintString DEVELOPMENT ONLY” blueprint. :frowning:

The video is using widgets with all their bells & whistles. What’s the issue?