Print showing in Levels where it should not

This title might be confusing and so might my explanation but I’m confused about what’s happening right now. Please bear with me.

I’ve got 2 levels, one for the main menu and one for the world to play in.
The level with the main menu only calls the main menu widget, which calls other widgets as shown in the MPShootOut example. The second level ‘world’ contains a grassland and a spawn point for the Character.

I’ve got a ‘RootCharacter’ which is the parent of the ‘LandCharacter’. Currently the RootCharacter is empty and the LandCharacter has the blueprint to move around in it. Within that blueprint I’ve got ‘InputAxis MoveForward’ connected to ‘Add Movement Input’, and for a test I connected a ‘Print String’ node that says Hello to the add movement input node.

So I thought all is well, and moving around works, but Hello gets printed all the time, and when I mean all the time. Not just in the ‘World’ level. Somehow it gets called in the ‘Main Menu’ as well.

How could this be, what did I do wrong? I hope you guys have an answer. If screenshots/video’s are needed I’m happy to oblige.