Print Screen font size

Hmm. I would love to know that too (if it exists) my guess would be somewhere under editor settings.
I have also thought about it a couple of times but never had been a big issue for me so never bothered.
Probably widget reflector settings can help. Idk

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With UE4 supporting 4k monitor support more it becomes problematic to see the print screen messages. Is there any way to change to a larger font size?

And yes, I can check the log afterwards… but that’s not a solution. :confused:


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the widget reflector causes other problems with my game so I’d need to leave it where it is…

The other problem goes a bit like this:

I’m also having what seems to be the same issue with stat text being extremely small in 4.18.1, and I looked around but there doesn’t seem to be any way to increase it in size. The console command input window text size is also very small.

I’m using a 4k TV as a monitor, but I can barely read the text even with glasses on. This is definitely a new issue with the 4k support in 4.18, as the text size was fine in 4.17. I hope Epic adds an Editor Preference so that we can easily adjust the scale for this kind of text.

Here is a screenshot of how small it is on my screen:

Widget reflector will not help in 4.18.

I found a solution here.


This worked for me!