Print Project Crashing on Startup

Hello. I was trying to create a project in Windows 10 , and when I opened project, it just crashed when it got to 100%. Can somebody please assist me?

[DxDiag] 1 [Diagnostics] 2 [Game Log] 3

Hi thesurvivalist2316,

When editor crashes, does a Crash Reporter window appear? If so, please copy information from that window and paste it here, including Machine ID, and hit Send.

Does same thing occur with 4.9.2 or any earlier versions of engine?

A crash window does appear, here is text:
Log File

Hi thesurvivalist2316,

I’ve found your crash report in our system and created UE-22659 from it. I suspect it has something to do with using a relatively low spec laptop. We typically suggest at least 8GB of RAM for running editor…and that’s when somebody has a discrete (not integrated) graphics card.

When using integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics), it uses system RAM as a replacement for VRAM (Video RAM). Discrete cards generally have their own VRAM. So being below spec on RAM is only exacerbated by having integrated graphics.


EDIT: Also ensure that your laptop manufacturer has proper hardware drivers for your specific laptop that are compatible with Win10. Many people are upgrading their laptops before manufacturer has created proper drivers.