Print Node Doesn't Print to Screen on Begin Play or Construct events


New to Unreal. Is there something I need to do to get the Print node to display text to the screen on BeginPlay or the Construct event?

I’ve tried a Delay node and increasing the visibility time on the Print node but this hasn’t worked.


Is this for a UI element? Widgets have Construct “Events”.

I don’t think print screen works in the Construct Function. It should work on BeginPlay, when the item is created in the game. Make sure the item is in the level, or is being spawned.

I’ve tried this in the FPS character (BeginPlay) and in a UMG widget (Construct). I don’t see anywhere in the documentation that remarks whether it will work on construct or not. Where did you find this, please? In the first person character I’m clueless as to why it’s not printing. I’m currently running build 4.17 and I just made a quick sample project and the same thing is happening.