Print debug text to screen from blueprint

How can I print debug text on the screen with out it scrolling text down the side?
I have about 15 variables I need to keep track of and it seems only possible to look at one because the text is not printing in place but rather making an auto-scrolling list.

You’ll have a much easier time using the debugging functionality built into the editor. Here’s a nice guide that’ll help:

I’ve also used TextRender components to show information in the world attached to objects.

Alternatively, you could just find the source code for PrintString and change the number that controls how long it appears. Shouldn’t be very hard to find.

Better late than never, but possibly the best way you can do it is hook up the variables you want to see via Event Tick printing to screen for 0 duration monitoring whatever variables you want.

This tutorial on root motion showed me how to do it.

(How to append your variables to show up as more than just numbers and print for 0 time)

link text

How to hook it up to event tick:

link text

I’d be willing to bet that you could do this with timer function acting like event tick as well but I’m not entirely sure how to do that.