Primitive Weapons Mod

Hi all I am currently working on a weapons mod using the Ark Dev tools and 3D Studio Max. This is the first mod that I have done for Ark so hopefully, I can get it right.

So far I have made three models for this mod

Blowgun I am really amazed they didn’t make a blowgun for the game that way you could tranquillize small dino’s, or people PVP lol

Atlatl which is a stick about a foot long that you would hook an arrow like a spear. This give’s you a lot more throwing power/damage than a traditional spear or bow and arrow.

Boomerang or Rabbit Stick I Thought even if this is a novelty item it would be cool to have an in-game version. It would be great for knocking people out during a base assault or something. PVP LOL

I would like to add more weapons eventually. I am still figuring out how to place them in the game. I am going to be testing the accuracy and what they work best on. If anyone has a request for a primitive weapon you would like to see added to a pack like this or you have any suggestion to be helpful please feel free to contact me.

Thanks a lot for checking out my post have a great day


Spectacular, I love it! Haven’t seen an atlatl in a game since The Savage Empire; in fact, all of the weapons and armor in that game could be a great source of inspiration for you. Looking forward to seeing the final product :smiley: