Primitive Swim Gear

I made a mod that adds primitive style goggles, flippers, and an oxygen bag to ark. I’m looking for input on if the engram levels seem fair as well if any adjustments need to be made to the crafting requirements.

mod is located at

Thanks for any and all input, also if you notice any errors, typos, or just funky stuff leave me a comment about it.

This is my first mod, hope y’all enjoy.

The oxygen bag should be single stack, like a canteen. The flippers and goggles are in the ballpark of polymer, electronics, and electricity as far as leveling goes. Perhaps make the requirements reflective of that.

Changed the oxygen bag to no longer stack ( and gave it a custom sound effect, they sure made that more complicated than necessary.)
Added 2 more engrams that are raised to the default scuba gear requirements of level 75 and cost of 25.
Nerfed the old ones by raising engram level to 65, cost to 18, halving durability, raising repair costs, and removing insulation.

Added an inclusion list for Primitive+

Any further change ideas?

Thinking about adding oil to the requirements for the flippers, but I don’t know if Primitive+ uses the default oil.

may i ask how you managed to change the colours on the flippers? i am having some difficulty with that for my own mod