Primitive+ Source Files

Hey all!

Want to know how Primitive+ was made? You can sync the repo using svn. There are still some things I need to get set up and cleaned up before it’s completely error free. Keep in ,mind, since Primitive+ is a Total Conversion, this doesn’t include native ARK content (and there’s a ton), at the moment. Looking into a few alternatives for this. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will continue to keep this up to date as I add on to Primitive+. Oh, and feel free to correct my mistakes for me :slight_smile:

This repo is anonymous so no authentication is needed. At the moment it’s ~3GB. Some of the textures will be re-done to save space in the future.

Important Notice!
You do not have the rights to use these models/textures/art commercially nor redistribute any models or textures contained within.


Nice! ill check it out sometime

Thanks Man

That is awesome!

But i don’t think you know what open source means :slight_smile: Perhaps change it to “learning example” or something

Valid point. Thanks!

Actually it is perfectly reasonable to call something open source and still have certain licensing restrictions around the project. Just because you can see and access the code, it doesn’t give you the automatic right to use it. I would suggest adding an appropriate license to the project, perhaps a Creative Commons license will meet your requirements

Great idea, thanks!

So can you please explain to me how to use svn? I’ve never used it before but I’d really like to try and make some mods specifically to stack with Primitive Plus for my own server.

you can use TortoiseSVN, but the ip address is not working for me …

I will double-check this. It should be back up by the start of next week if not. Thank you for letting me know!!

Would have loved to check this out too…seems to be offline though.

Is there some way to get the current / new address?
I would love to check out the files to get a feeling for how blueprint modifications work in large projects!

SVN is still down.

SVN is still down :frowning: are you going to update the link or has this repo been withdrawn now its going to DLC ?

Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘svn://’

@ComplexMinded the SVN server still seems to be down, does anyone have a mirror for these files? I’d love to use this as an example for a total conversion I’d like to start.

Still no response from that SVN.

Sorry for bumping this old topic, but since this is a Sticky, I thought it would a good idea for a moderator to either delete the link in the OP, or guide us to another url.
If I have totally missed something, and the svn is located somewhere else, my apologies.

EDIT Looks like I just had to open my eyes, found links on the Steam workshop page for SP.

Hey can you send me the link, apparently blind in me :slight_smile: