Prime Strike Revolution

Project Title:

Team Name:

Prime Strike Revolution:

You are a playing in a world. Were you are able to rob banks, armory and more coming. The police will then try to stop you, but we are not done yet. Other players or groups can try to take over your heist or your groups heist. If they kill the entire team, they can then take over the heist and then get the police after them. You will be able to take back the heist until they have finished the heist. But the better gear the player or group has the harder it gets. And each team members level will be added to a total level and the police damage and everything will scale after that. You will be able to get and craft or even buy from the auction house different set of gear, and all your stats will then scale. Like walk speed, running speed, jump height, super jump witch is a skill you can unlock from the talent point tree. Also you will be able to craft shield generators which will provide cover for you or your team as long as its active. Other people can use special items to either temporarily disable your shield or destroy it after skills and items. Each character can go different direction in skills and items and then focus on different ways to support your team. You will have to craft parts to create a hole machine, and you can get recourses different ways such as missions where you have to raid a military base or something completely different thing. You will also have a slot for a special item, which is going to be powered by your other items, so you can have a person shield and need a personal shield generator to power and you can use other items to boots the shield. For example a boots where you cant lose your shield and then it gets disabled for a short period of time. And expand your shield a small area to shield your team. You will be able to craft some of your gear and some weapons, also some weapons will be powered by a personal weapon generator if you choose that instead of a shield. But then can be in danger if someone disable your generator and you cant use any weapons. There will be missions such as PVP missions, defend against the military or police, or even raid them. In these missions other people wont be able to take over or anything cause it will be their own session. And the rewards wont be the same. These missions can grant different items or crafting supplies.

Looking For:

  • 3D Modeller
  • Texture Artist
  • Unreal Programmer
  • RiftGen GameLauncher Programmer

Talent Required:

3D Modeller:
Ability to export to FBX format.
Experience with Maya, 3DS max or zBrush required.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.

Texture Artist:
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.

Unreal Programmer
Experience with Blueprint or c++

RiftGen GameLauncher Programmer
Experience with C#
Experience with PHP, SQL a bonus.

Video Demo:

Skype: robin-krogh