Prime Flux: The Legacy - Jack of All Trades "Engine Guy" & Modeler - Beginners are welcome


The Legacy is a first-person game that will have you travelling alternatively between the simulation of an open-world style tropical forest and a seemingly abandoned base of operations while relying on the abilities of an intelligent orb-looking companion at your side. To progress in one phase, you will have to progress in the other and vice versa; the game therefore promises to offer two distinctively different playstyles with one being a challenge based survival theme in a natural setting and the other being a linearly progressed story phase that is more slow paced (to a certain point!) with collectables and puzzles.

The gameplay therefore consists of two parts; an open-world type tropical forest that is part of a simulation and a linearly progressed “story” part inside a military/research base that is the real world.
To access new areas of the forest you will need certain abilities for your companion; to get new abilities for your companion you will need to progress in the story part; and to progress in the story part you will need to craft specific items in the simulation.

**For further information about the game: **

Current Team Composition:
Lead Project Manager & Programmer (3 years of game design experience with UE4, Marketplace Creator) - From Turkey
World Designer focusing specifically on SpeedTree and World Machine (2 years of experience) (working mainly on the simulation phase of the game) - From Turkey
Level Designer (working mainly on the story phase of the game) - From Turkey
Modeler (3 years of experience, also proficient with the ways of the engine) - From the USA
Modeler (beginner) - From Belgium
Audio Composer&Engineer (and a beginner to the engine) - From the Netherlands

Required Talent:
-A jack-of-all-trades to work on various tasks within the engine, focusing mainly on non-gameplay Blueprinting and Material-related solutions:
Up until this point, our main coder has also been in charge with handling every other task within the engine; from particle effects to materials and non-gameplay scripts. In our current status however, all his concentration is required on the essential gameplay tasks, thus putting us in need of another “engine-guy”.
Most essential required skill and proficiency is Blueprinting and a solid understanding of the overall workflow on the engine, but any other engine-related skill is welcome. Our designers usually require various small non-essential gameplay implementations that require a clever use of various aspects of the engine. As important as this position sounds, beginners should not feel any pressure since our main coder will still be there to help out with any obstacles or lack of experience.

-Modeler: To work mainly on props, most being in a sci-fi concept (although this means we are giving away a spoiler of the game :confused: )
We find the current asset creation capabilities of our team limited compared to our needs. For this reason we need a modeler to work mainly on non-organic props (aka the story phase of the game).
Proficiency in Substance products is a huge plus! We are trying to make as much use of non-bitmap texturing as possible. Our team currently has a Substance Indie Pack licence that we are providing to our modelers.

Other Related Info:
As developed as the project is, we are more than happy to work with beginners! Financial reasons aside(and as explained below), our goal with this endeavour is to create a solid core-team with which we can keep on developing games. That is why we are quite alright with providing any beginners with an environment to develop your skills in while also getting to work on a serious project to start off with game development (and to hopefully carry on with us). Having that solid team of people with an efficient workflow is more important than finishing the game faster with people who will dissolve once the game is complete and money is made.

Financial Information:
Our dilemma with this recruitment is that; we are too far in the development process (the first playable build is planned to be ready in a month and a half) to offer any royalty work, and we are too involved in working on the game that taking the time to start a fundraiser campaign to offer paid work would set us back tremendously. This is why we need someone willing to work with us in a serious manner while also accepting that the first financial return from this endeavour would come no sooner than three months’ time.

Our Workflow:
For keeping our development environment organised and on track we are using Trello.
Since the team consists of people from different parts of the world, we are all communicating through Skype at any time and also on planned group meetings.
Our chosen source control method is SVN with the repository being on Cloudforge.


Feel free to shoot away any questions!