PrimalInventoryBP_Fabricator Help


I created a lot of new stuff for Building in ARK.
But i cant create a new recipe for the Fabricator like a Metal Chest.
I have created a child of the Fabricator Content but i cant connect the Fabricator to a new PrimalInventoryBP_Fabricator_Child ?
I need a way to do that.

Can anyone help me ?

Hope I got you rolling now however I wanted to mention that we had a weird behavior with the fabricator that doesn’t seem to make sense. The default items (i.e. GPS) that must be crafted in a fabricator do not require the default “Is Engam” to be ticked however, Tarantel’s new storage boxes require that default to be ticked otherwise they are always available to the client (without learning the engram). If anyone can shed light on this let us know!