PrimalGameDataBP Question

Hey community,

Well while working on my server mod we discovered that this BP had all the things we copied and pasted into our .ini and .confg files. For instance, gaining 20 weight per lvl instead of the default 10, or getting 15 engram points for lvl 5 instead of default and so forth.

My question is, is it really this easy to change settings for a server (dedicated server I’m hosting) and I ask this because I’m not sure how ARK updates. I didn’t know if when ARK updates it’ll over ride this modified one making my changes worthless.

Opinions, thoughts?

That’s how the difficulty series mods work. They just change the TestGameData blueprints, that specifies the server config settings for those stuff. But doing that means it has to be loaded first in list to work, so it wont be a green mod.

^ this. If you decide to set the variables in the PrimalGameDataBP rather than the ini file then you rule out any other mods that rely on changes to the PrimalGameDataBP (such as dinosaur color mods). Your choice as to whether that is a big deal or not :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Stupid question, would that then rule out adding anyone else’ mod to the server impossible bc mine would be non stacking? I ask that bc I thought all mods had to change the PrimalGameDataBP bc of engram changes/additions. Am personally trying to get a 1 mod fits all for my server. So I might have already messed this up…I made a raft and Cbow/arrows mod and added the engrams into the games list of engrams, and deleted some of the engrams from Vanilla. Did I just make this mod unstackable with anyone else since I didn’t use the “Additional Engram” section instead? Just didn’t like how the engrams pile at the bottom of the engram list out of order/lvl…I’m OCD lol.

Additional entries in PGD is fine.
Notice i said TGM not PGD. It’s the other file.

Hey guys,

Now perhaps I’m lost, sorry new at this :s

I thought changing the PGD is the one that will be uploaded into server that it’ll read for the gamemode? I can just change the TGD instead in ADK and it then becomes “stackable”?

TGM or TGD? I only see TestGameMode, not TestGameData. Yeah, I am lost too. I want to make sure my mods are designed as stackable, but finding out how to do that is kind of black magic.

Only the first TestGameMode to load will be the one that is used. TestGameMode can do things like replace the player characters, edit the difficulty and so on. This means if you edit TGM and want to use those in the mod, that mod has to be #1 or those edits are undone. That makes it a half stacking mod, and not a safe stacker, you just have to warn people it only works in #1 slot.

If you edit the PrimalGameData “additional & remap” fields and only the “additional & remap” fields, those changes will cascade as all the mods are loaded into the server. If you edit ANYTHING but “additional & remap” fields your mod isn’t a clean stack, and will need to be #1 or anything not in “additional & remap” is ignored. But if you remap anything, like a resource and don’t make it the child of the original resource, all other mods that use the vanilla version will stop working with your mod, like a stack hack.

edit - If you want a flow chart i’ll draw one up later, just let me know.

Okay, I got my dino to spawn by adding my dino to the grasslands spawn area. I am not the first mod in the list. More like 5th/last. However, in my mod I subclassed the original grasslands thinking if someone else modifies it then it will use that? Or does that create problems for the next mod in the list? Should I be copying that? I just want to make sure my stuff gets added after the vanilla npcs. I did use the remap for the grassland spawn zone. I am just not sure I should have subclassed the DinoSpawnAreaGrassLands.