Primal throne

Hello guys,

I’m Bruno Gruber, and some of you might know me asthe guy who is making NEBULA. Well, I’m excited to announce that I will start working on a mod for ARK, as a side project, out of passion.


I’m a fan of survival open world games and dinosaurs, and I’m very excited to see that ARK is so easily modable. That being said, I’ll start to experiment with the ARK Dev kit and see if what I have in mind is possible. I’ll keep this mod as a side project, as I do not intend to lose focus on Nebula. I do however have some experience with UE4 and I am a CG Artist for trade, so I’ll be applying these skills on said mod. This is a simple game modification that includes a new game mode, new assets and focus on player interaction, team building, and so on.


Get your friends together, build your personal army of loyal combatants, or ride as a lone wolf across the island. Make your way up to the Bone Mountain, a most dangerous and breathtaking new area of the map. There, you will find an unexpected feature, that really is a game changer - the Primal Throne. Fight dinosaurs, enemy tribes and maybe even your own allies to try and seize the Primal Throne. Conquer the land, and rule as the one true king. Shape the destiny of the land, as you gain the ability to collect resource tax from every other player within the island. Get access to the Ancient Sword, and overpower anyone who tries to claim the Primal Throne - It’s up to your ability as a ruler if they will succeed or not.

The Mod

Here’s what I’m planning to add to the game.

  • Bone Mountain
    Can be a reuse of the game’s assets or a new model. It’s a new area of the map, dangerous and tricky to navigate.
  • Primal Throne
    The “main objective” of all players within the server. They can form alliances or fight by themselves. The Throne itself will be a new asset, modeled by me.
  • Tax system
    A system that automatically sends a percentage of all resources collected to the King’s treasury (probably just a large container). The percentage is determined by the King, thus making it possible for the player in charge to decide if he wants to be a “good” or a “bad” king.
  • Ancient Sword
    A new item, that is basically a sword that inflicts a lot of damage.

That’s it for now. As I said, I’ll be experimenting with the DevKit to see if this is possible. If not, well, at least is a nice way to learn some new things :slight_smile:

Awesome, happy to have you join the ARK Dev community Bruno :slight_smile:

Hey Bruno,

Welcome, and cool mod idea :smiley:

Reminds me of a better version of Reign of Kings essentially. I think I could be of help to you in this project if you are in need of more assistance. I have a good deal of experience doing Character Modeling in zBrush, and am working on a few mods for Ark myself currently as well.

I have a few ideas that I think would add quite a bit of replay value so to speak to the mod.

If you are interested in talking more, feel free to PM me on here :smiley: