Primal Survival, Name Taken

Put simply, the newly announced official total conversion mod “Primal Survival” conflicts with my own mod’s name :frowning:

The workshop title was prefixed with TC as we cannot flag our mods as total conversions ourselves and also appended (Primitive realism) as we cannot add tags to our workshop content ourselves. However the official title has always been primal survival.

Wildcard, would you not at least check name availability in the released mods from your modding community? :frowning:

Confusion is sure to follow, I first heard about the official mod reading official forums.
“When is Primal Survival going to be released”

I’m not sure how to approach this situation… It hardly seems fair I’d be required to retitle it considering I’ve been developing it for many months and already have a modest following.

If you take a look at the EULA you will see that you do not have to approach the situation at all - all rights to this name in the context of ark modding belong to Wildcard.
Other than that I think you will not have to worry - I am 99% sure that your mod just keep the name as it is now, Primal Survival will most likely be released as a DLC like “The Center” map right now.

Also after taking a look at your mod - awesome! I am also working on a total conversion that aims for more immersion, but I took a bit of a different approach - but I love the ideas!

You can change a name easily, but you can’t change your mod…

I think you still shouldn’t complain :slight_smile:

Hint: Check out my mod in my signature

Thanks DanielEder, I’d love to see what you’ve been working on :slight_smile:

I remember seeing your mod around and when I saw this official mod, I don’t know why but I had assumed Wildcard did something similar to what they did with The Center with you.

Just observing this mod, it seems you must have put a LOT of time into it… did they at least give you a +1 for awesome idea and heads-up they were making an official?

No, no credits or mention. I think they already had this idea before my mod was uploaded.

Mmm ok.

Well, I suppose I’ll do nothing under the assumption nothing needs to be done until someone tells me otherwise.

Very disappointed :frowning: