Primal Item and Network Authority

Hi, I’m attempting to read from a .ini file in order to set a value on an item. The whole thing is running inside of “BPCan Use” and it seems to be at least running in the PIE, but as soon as you even think about network authority the whole thing stops working. Is this happening because the primal item is not an actor and lacks the authority to do server side events?


As far as I experienced Non-Actors like Items ignore Client-Only or Server-Only Events. They are are just fired on both sides.
However, for Client-Only/Server-Only Operations you could use “Has Authority” Function together with a Branch. (True=Server / False=Client)

Additionally everything reagarding replication is ignored, but to make the Client know the INI-Options you need the Server to tell this to the client (replication).
A Workaround would be to create a Structure (which is an Actor) and make this Structure read the INI-Option. Then store this Optiin into a variable and replicate this variable. You maybe have to use the “Fore Replication now” Function to make it replicate immediately. After the Options are stored inside this variable read this options from inside your Item (getAllActorsofClass <yourStructure> ==> get first element of Array ==> read variable).

Thanks for the Help :smiley:

Have been able to get it work using your advice. Only issue is what I wanted to do doesn’t seem to work on dedicated servers but it does work for other stuff. I was trying to set the initial armor value on a item so the admin of the server can set it to their liking.

Is it possible at all to change the initial armor value on a item from the .ini?

This is the graph I was using on the primal item.

And this one was the graph on the structure, setting the variable to read on the primal item.

There’s been a few updates since the last time I tried but at the time, “Initial Value Constant” was NOT editable through .ini the way you are (and I was) trying to do it.
They have however added a few new nodes since then that may work for that but no promises.
“Item Custom Data” or something like that is what you’ll want to play around with

Thanks for the tip P0k3r