Pricing a game?

How would you price a level?

I’ve developed a simple level 10 rooms, each with a Mixamo character and animation and some 3D models.

Its about 6 months of work nothing really difficult but I’m trying to sell it to Morrisons supermarkets as a training tool for their staff, what would a professional game development house charge for something like this?

Theyve asked for a price but I’ve got no idea how much to charge or to how to work out a cost and definitely don’t want to give them something too cheap.

Any ideas as a rough ballpark figure I’m thinking of going in with 35k?

depends on hours and invested $$ on your part.
35 = $12.50 an hour. 6 months worth of work doubles that, so, $25 an hour. Sure, fair price, but, is that what you and your work is worth ? Thats up to you.

Thanks for that AP I think I will ask for more than the £35k, I custom built it and it by far exceeds the spec they gave me also they can easily afford it!

No problem. Its hard to be fair without selling yourself short sometimes. Looking at the full “what is this worth per hour” breakdown sometimes help value yourself or something you made. I would easily go 42k and then let them sell it short. Always expect the counter offer and adjust for it.

“selling this for 40k”
“we will give you 35k”


“selling this for 35k”
“we will give you 29k”

see how making the “slightly above what i want with the assumption they will pay me what they think its worth” works out? Dont say “selling for 60k” and expect a counter tho lol. Its a dance, a fine dace … you get to be the tiny dancer.

Thanks man!