[Price Request] Smoke / Flash bang

Bought this: but it’s not really working that great.

The flash grenade spawns the PP effect at the grenade instead of checking if the player is in the blast radius best I can tell. If you stand close to the flash and get flashed all you have to do is walk backwards and the effect will go away, but if you walk forwards again while the flash is still active you will become flashed. Also you can throw the flash and look away and still become flashed, even thru walls.

Also the smoke grenade just spawns the the basic smoke particle and after 10 seconds it’s like turning off a light switch, the smoke just disappears instead of fading out like a real smoke grenade.

So what I’m looking for:

Is someone that can take the flash and make it apply to characters that is in the blast radius but not be able to walk backwards and become unflashed or walk forwards and become flashed.

Make it so if you are looking away you won’t become flashed.

Make the flash effect fade out like in CS:GO

Fix the smoke grenade so the smoke doesn’t just all a sudden disappear, needs to slowly fade away as it gets close to the end of the duration.

I will provide you with what I have already if you want, or if you can come up with your own if that’s better for you.

Hit me up with a price and I’ll get back with you. Thanks.