Price increases

Hey guys, i noticed that ALL of the marketplace products have increased in price by something like 10-15%.

Was there any discussion about this from epic that i missed? or is this an error (site says its in USD, so i assume its correct…)
Thanks! :slight_smile:

It looks like your billing address is tied to New Zealand, which has a GST (goods and services tax) applied. Are you located in the US or in NZ?

Im in NZ yes, and yes the tax laws were changed about a year ago.
This increase is since, yesterday however…

I have confirmed with our development team that we added tax (VAT/GST) for NZ and a few other countries two days ago. Sorry for the confusion there!

Non-resident suppliers (that’s us) who provide electronic services to users in Norway, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and South Africa are required to register with the tax authorities of these countries and pay VAT (GST).

New VAT (GST) rates:
Norway - 25%
New Zealand - 15%
Australia - 10%
South Africa - 15%
South Korea- 10%

If you have any additional questions about it feel free to email us at [EMAIL=“”]

If it’s anything like how it operates State side, there may have been a period before the law went into effect after being passed.