Previous UE account used for very many years and it suddenly got banned for wrong cause

I did purchased with my previous credit card in market place for order number A1808301526296084
Procedural Weapons - Guns - Alpha Class ByteSumPi LTD $ 12.49
DENT - Networked Destruction ByteSumPi LTD $ 7.49

And I am about to learn to use them for my game. Suddenly I discovered my whole account get banned!
There was a case at the moment that my credit card ending in 02 was stolen by an online store in NY, and their staffs did some fraud activity to drain my card.
But I took actions when I found it out and got the police investigated it as well as got my BOA card replaced with a new one with different number, with which I could further use still to buy marketplace stuffs.That fraud thing should end here and I should be beginning my new life.

But I was wrong. Epic Games refunded my purchase even I have never claimed the marketplace purchase as fraud and even I cried in my mails that please let me buy them with my money.
Not just so, what is worse is that Epic Games banned my whole account! I am not just not able to play Fornite anymore (I have never done anything bad in that game, simply enjoying it with friends.) but also the** fatal damage** to me is that I have previously purchased hundreds of dollars of products on marketplace and I can get neither them nor my money back! My whole game development was aborted due to this, just because I am a fraud victim, willing to pay for anything helps with my game and have asked police for justice!

I have been very reasonable and I am very willing to be cooperative with bank or police or whatever could look into anything you want and to serve me justice, because I am simply an honest game developer and** all I need is to get my game done.

But when I try to offer any detail to you guys I got sth like this:**

“At Epic Games, we’re serious about protecting accounts for our players.
Your account has been disabled and will no longer function with any Epic Games’ products or services. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
In this case, we disabled your account due to suspicious activity, and we cannot reactivate it.”

OK, well, maybe I should care less about the purchase thing. Maybe I can make weapons and destruction by myself or from other sources. But WTF is this kind of “protection” which prevent me from all my previous marketplace assets which stops from further developing my game?!
This is going to ruin my game development!
If you find sth suspicious, plz respond, plz investigave, plz ask the police, whatever is welcome because I am the victim and I am willing to offer any truth I have.
And If I own you guys money we might get it right (And I don’t because it was refunded), and keep me in the development in which case I could be buying more assets like what I did before.
And I have a brand new card to do purchase and criminals are not going to touch this one.

Just UNBAN my epic account that I could get my game, my career working!!!