Previous Learn Tab Achievements

Where are our learn tab achievements and history? I was over seven thousand points, over 96 badges with many more started but not completed represents hundreds of hours
and now my profile is blank. Can the previous progress be migrated to the profile?
The Learn tab was so useful. I could use the favorites to mark videos as links to refresh my memory or share with prospective employment or coworkers. I was tested on what the author thought were priority knowledge points. Now all gone. I feel a tremendous sense of loss.

It would be an EPIC fail to lose all the learning history used to showcase learning achieved by so many using the incredible knowledge and talent of the previous content creators.

Hi there,

They are under “My Profile” → “Interactions” → “Badges”.

Have a great day! <3

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Thank you! I searched and searched and never found it! I still wish I could know the hours on each badge. Some were 20 minutes some 15 or more hours. Some were Learning paths that included multiple badges. Also, I still can’t find the Achievement points but, at least I have a record of all the badges. :slight_smile: