Preventing widget from updating

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project where when the right mouse button is pressed while looking at an art piece, a widget appears and give some info about the artwork.
The way I have it set up is this:

  • If the player is not looking at some artwork, the widgets get removed from the screen.
  • If the player is looking at the same artwork as when he previously pressed the right mouse button, nothing changes.
  • If the player is looking at a different artwork, then a new widget overlaps the old one.

I have an animation on my widget that lasts 0.5 seconds, so during that time the old widget (being overlapped) is still visible.
That’s where the issue is. The text displayed on the old widget (the one pertaining to the previously looked at artwork) also gets updated when a new widget is called.
I would like the text of the old widget to remain the same.

Here is my blueprint for creating the widget:


And here is my code to update the text on the widget:


Here is a video showing what it looks like in action:

Anyone would know how to prevent the old widget to update?

EDIT: I also noticed that when the player is not looking at an art piece when pressing the right mouse button, the text on the widget disappears before the widget is removed. I would like the text to stay too.