Preventing tab key to navigate in widget buttons

Hello !

I’m currently working on an inventory system. I just made simple buttons and texts.
I open my inventory with “Tab”. But when I click on a button and press tab, it just highlight buttons (like on window).
I have to click somewhere else to be able to close the inventory with “Tab” again.

  • I read that changing “Render focus rule” to Never in the project settings might be the solution, but it doesn’t work.

Can you help me ? :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I can help you maybe disabling input on tab press then on release enable it again, might work idk… I doubt it though.

Yeah I don’t think it’s gonna work. If I could just deactivate the Tab/Arrows navigation option that would be great :confused:

I had a similiar problem.
Fixed it by adding the node “Set Focus to Game Viewport” when pressing the tab key.
This will put the focus back on your viewport.


When you open/create widget you need to focus it. Also, uncheck all “Focusable” on child widget that you do not need.

Thanks a lot ! It worked ! x)

Thanks. Worked for me! :slight_smile: