Preventing further execution until level is loaded

I’m trying to add a system that lets the game teleport the player to a new area when they touch doors/windows/any other designated triggers. The basic logic is super-simple:


However, even with the delay node, the player frequently teleports into the new area before Load Stream Level has finished zoning things in, often falling through or getting stuck in the floor. Is there any way to force Teleport to wait until Load Stream Level is done, and the entire level has been loaded in, before it moves the player?

I believe there is an “Is Level Loaded” node.

Hmm, wouldn’t there be a risk of getting into an infinite loop if I’m holding execution until some arbitrary level is loaded? If something goes wrong, and the desired area doesn’t load, I’d be stuck cycling forever.

With your blueprint above, you are delaying the level loading too, put the delay after the load node…

Something else you could do is to put an event call in the loaded level beginplay, which then does the teleport.

And you could also have a bigger trigger that loads the level before hitting the trigger which teleports. Say you have a house and want to load it’s interior, you would already load that when you come near the house.

Ooh, that’s a really good idea… thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: