Prevent UE4 iOS apps from stopping other app's audio playback on launch

Hi all,

Trying here in audio as I’ve been having trouble getting anywhere with this. Maybe someone in the audio forum can help me out?

What I Want To do:

  • Let any existing audio playback continue when my UE4 iOS app is launched on an iOS device
  • Allow podcast, music, spotify or whatever to continue playing when my app launches

What currently happens:

  • Any existing audio playback is gracefully stopped in favour of my UE4 iOS app when it launches
  • To continue playbakc of a podcast, musc, spotify etc I must switch apps, then resume playback and return to the UE4 iOS app.
  • After resuming / switching both the first app, and my app can both share the audio playback session and mute / volume etc for my app works as expected

I think this has something to do with the way the UE4 app configures itself on launch. And I believe that is controlled by the AVAudioSession category as described here (Apple Docs).

I don’t know where UE4 initializes the audio device, but it is possible that Config/iOS/iOSEngine.ini might support changes to this (as you can configure some audio parameters in there. Can anyone advise?

I’ve posted this question in a few places without any luck, most recent is linked below in iOS development. I’m trying a different Topic title this time. :slight_smile: How can I set AVAudioSession for iOS apps to allow device/apps to continue audio playback?