Prevent UE4 From automatically creating backups in project's folders

Hi everyone,

is there anyway to Prevent UE4 From automatically creating backups in project’s folder so that it won’t grow in size infinitely.

in the editor’s preferences you can only prevent auto-save it helps keeping the project’s folder size from growing ,but it would be great if we can prevent automatic backups also.



Where exactly are those “Backups”? I think you might mean data which is generated from compiling shaders, and baking lighting?

It does save backup files, I don’t think it just saves indefinitely, but it can be something like 10 backup files and use quite a lot of space. But–I’ve seen a few threads from people where they lost data so keeping those backup files might be a good idea.

Hi everyone,

the backups folder is in your project’s folder under : Content folder_Saved_Backup ,and Autosaves also under : Content folder_Saved_Autosave , you can stop autosaving from editor preferences but you can’t prevent UE4 from creating backups So it adds up .

growing pains bro… growing pains… :cool: